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Structure Design and Degradation Mechanisms in Coastal Environments

Edited by Abdelkarim Aït-Mokhtar and Olivier Millet, La Rochelle University, France

ISBN: 9781848217324

Publication Date: May 2015   Hardback   370 pp.

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This book provides a series of designs, materials, characterizations and models that will help create safer and stronger structures in coastal areas.
The authors take a look at the different materials (porous, heterogeneous, concrete, etc.), the moisture transfers in construction materials as well as the degradation caused by external attacks and put forward systems to monitor the structures or to evaluate the performance reliability as well as degradation scenarios of coastal protection systems.


1. Porous Construction Materials: Characterizations and Modeling, Abdelkarim Aït-Mokhtar, Ameur Hamami, Philippe Turcry and Ouali Amiri.
2. Moisture Transfers in Porous Construction Materials: Mechanisms and Applications, Rafik Belarbi, Kamilia Abahri and Abdelkarim Trabelsi.
3. Homogenization Methods for Ionic Transfers in Saturated Heterogeneous Materials, Olivier Millet, Khaled Bourbatache, Abdelkarim Aït-Mokhtar.
4. Chloride Transport in Unsaturated Concrete, Ouali Amiri, Abdelkarim Aït-Mokhtar, Hassan Sleiman and Phu-Tho Nguyen.
5. Construction Degradation by External Sulfate Attacks, Emmanuel Rozière, Rana El-Hachem and Ahmed Loukili.
6. Performance-based Design of Structures and Methodology for Performance Reliability Evaluation, Vikram Pakrashi and Ciarán Hanley.
7. Coastal Protection Degradation Scenarios, Daniel Poulain and Rémy Tourment.

About the Authors

Abdelkarim Aït-Mokhtar is Professor in Civil Engineering at La Rochelle University in France and the head of the Engineering Sciences laboratory (LaSIE UMR CNRS 7356). His research focuses on mass transfer in porous media, aiming applications on aggressive agent transfer within building materials for the improvement of structure durability in aggressive environments (in a marine or carbon gas environment). He is a specialist in experimental diffusion processes by the assessing of materials’ microstructures, chloride and carbon gas ingress within cementitious materials, and corrosion initiation in reinforced cement-based materials using electrochemical methods.
Olivier Millet is Professor in Mechanics and Civil Engineering at La Rochelle University in France. He is a specialist of continuum mechanics, homogenization techniques, ionic transfers, and electrocapillary effects. He is also the head of the research network “Multi-Physics and Multiscale Couplings in Geo-environmental Mechanics”. The topics addressed in this book constitute one of the major axes of this research network.


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