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New Techniques in Digital Holography

Edited by Pascal Picart, University of Maine-Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs du Mans, France

ISBN: 9781848217737

Publication Date: March 2015   Hardback   318 pp.

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This book is devoted to special techniques in digital holography. The authors establish a synthetic state of the art of important advances in the field of digital holography. They are interested in detailing advances related to fundamentals of digital holography, in-line holography, digital color holographic metrology, digital holographic microscopy, infrared holography and special techniques in full-field vibrometry.
The book is organized into 7 chapters, with the first chapter introducing the basic fundamentals of digital holography. Chapter 2 discusses advances in
in-line holography in relation to the study of seeded flows and particle tracking; the recent developments make it possible to apply this technique to many industrial or laboratory situations for velocimetry, particle size measurement or trajectography. Chapter 3 presents new perspectives on 3-color holography metrology applied to solid mechanics and fluid mechanics. The study of subsonic wake flows, supersonic micro-jet and hypersonic flows is discussed in particular. Chapter 4 is devoted to special techniques in holographic microscopy, with use of partial spatially coherent light sources; applications to micro-fluidic devices and automated three-dimensional detection of phospholipid vesicles and micro-organisms in an aqueous solution are detailed. Chapter 5 is devoted to applications of holographic microscopy to quantitative phase imaging for live cell imaging; applications to human blood, live neuron cells, cell counting, cell movement are thoroughly described. Chapter 6 presents digital holography in the infrared domain. Technology related to sensors and light sources is presented and digital holographic infrared interferometry is detailed and applied to high amplitude displacements of industrial aeronautic structures. Examples in NDT (non-destructive testing) are also provided. Chapter 7 presents new techniques in the field of vibration measurement at the ultimate limits; in particular, techniques based on heterodyne and side band holography are described and examples related to musical acoustics are discussed.


1. Basic Fundamentals of Digital Holography, Pascal Picart, Michel Gross and Pierre Marquet.
2. Digital In-line Holography Applied to Fluid Flows, Sébastien Coëtmellec, Denis Lebrun and Marc Brunel.
3. Digital Color Holography for Analyzing Unsteady Wake Flows, Jean Michel Desse and Pascal Picart.
4. Automation of Digital Holographic Detection Procedures for Life Sciences Applications, Ahmed El Mallahi, Christophe Minetti and Frank Dubois.
5. Quantitative Phase-Digital Holographic Microscopy: A New Modality for Live Cell Imaging, Pierre Marquet, Benjamin Rappaz and Nicolas Pavillon.
6. Long-Wave Infrared Digital Holography, Marc Georges.
7. Full Field Holographic Vibrometry at Ultimate Limits, Nicolas Verrier, Michael Atlan and Michel Gross.

About the Authors

Pascal Picart has been Professor at the University of Maine-Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs du Mans (ENSIM, Le Mans, France) since 2005. His research interests included speckle metrology, optoacoustic spectroscopy, and optical biosensors. The current emphasis of his research program is on the development of new approaches in digital holography, holographic image processing, phase imaging and applications in the field of acoustics, structural mechanics, vibroacoustics and fluid mechanics.


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