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Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates

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Exterior Algebras

Elementary Tribute to Grassmann's Ideas

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From Pinch Methodology to Pinch-Exergy Integration of Flexible Systems

Thermodynamics Energy, Environment, Economy Set

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Data Treatment in Environmental Sciences

Multivaried Approach

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Gas Hydrates 1

Fundamentals, Characterization and Modeling

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Smart Decisions in Complex Systems

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Chi-squared Goodness-of-fit Tests for Censored Data

Stochastic Models in Survival Analysis and Reliability Set Volume 3

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Baidu SEO

Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

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Supply Chain Management and Business Performance

The VASC Model

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Asymmetric Alliances and Information Systems

Issues and Prospects

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Enterprise Interoperability

Interoperability for Agility, Resilience and Plasticity of Collaborations

Edited by Matthieu Lauras Martin Zelm Bernard Archimède Frédérick Bénaben and Guy Doumeingts

ISBN: 9781848217997

Publication Date: December 2014   Hardback   356 pp.

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The fast changing global economy is governed by enterprise systems operating in the Future Internet and by trends towards more services in the manufacturing domain. Enterprises and virtual factories will self-organize in distributed, innovative Ecosystems needing Interoperability for Agility, Resilience and Plasticity of Collaborations.
This book constitutes the proceedings of eight workshops and one doctoral symposium, co-located with the 7th I-ESA Conference. It contains short papers about ongoing (EI) research and new applications, and provides summaries of the workshop discussions.
Complementing the I-ESA Conference program, the workshops explore new interoperability research issues, challenges and solutions for Smart Industry, the Internet-of-Things, and Factory of the Future. The workshop proceedings report on Methods in the Future Internet, Architectures and ICT services with regard to Digital Business Innovation in Manufacturing. They address applications of advanced technologies in the health sector, in smart nets city logistics and in crisis management and cover standardization developments for Enterprise Interoperability in the Manufacturing Service Domain.


Workshop 1. IoT Interoperability for Manufacturing: Challenges and Experiences.
Workshop 2. Future Internet Methods, Architectures and Services for Digital Business Innovation in Manufacturing, Health and Logistics Enterprises
Workshop 3. ICT Services and Interoperability for Manufacturing
Intelligent Systems Configuration Services for Flexible Dynamic
Workshop 4. SmartNets Collaborative Development and Production of Knowledge-Intensive Products and Services
Workshop 5. Collaboration Issues for City-Logistics
Workshop 6. Applications of Advanced Technologies in the Context of Disaster Relief and Crisis Management
Workshop 8. Corporate Standardisation Management
Workshop 9. Standardisation Developments for Enterprise


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