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Rapid Prototyping of Software for Avionics Systems

Model-oriented Approaches for Complex Systems Certification

Nicolas Larrieu and Antoine Varet, ENAC (French Civil Aviation University), France

ISBN: 9781848217645

Publication Date: October 2014   Hardback   152 pp.

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The design, implementation and validation of avionics and aeronautical systems have become extremely complex tasks due to the increase of functionalities that are deployed in current avionics systems and the need to be able certify them before putting them into production.
This book proposes a methodology to enable the rapid prototyping of such a system by considering from the start the certification aspects of the solution produced. This method takes advantage of the model-based design approaches as well as the use of formal methods for the validation of these systems. Furthermore, the use of automatic software code generation tools using models makes it possible to reduce the development phase as well as the final solution testing.
This book presents, firstly, an overview of the model-based design approaches such as those used in the field of aeronautical software engineering. Secondly, an original methodology that is perfectly adapted to the field of aeronautical embedded systems is introduced. Finally, the authors illustrate the use of this method using a case study for the design, implementation and testing of a new generation aeronautical router.


1. Developing Model-based Design Methods in Software Engineering.
2. Methodology for Rapid Prototyping Avionic Software.
3. Implementing the Prototyping Methodology to Develop a Next Generation Avionic Router.

About the Authors

Nicolas Larrieu is Full Professor at the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC (French Civil Aviation University). His research topics deal with designing new communication architectures and original security architectures for emerging networks such as IP-based aeronautical communication networks or UAV communication networks. He is currently involved in several activities for the SESAR European program where he can extend and validate his research results.
Antoine Varet gained his doctorate at the research group ResCo at the TELECOM laboratory of ENAC (French Civil Aviation University). His current research topics concern the improvement and automation of network security protocols and the protection of the privacy of data through innovating network protocols.


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