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Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates

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Exterior Algebras

Elementary Tribute to Grassmann's Ideas

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From Pinch Methodology to Pinch-Exergy Integration of Flexible Systems

Thermodynamics – Energy, Environment, Economy Set

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Data Treatment in Environmental Sciences

Multivaried Approach

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Gas Hydrates 1

Fundamentals, Characterization and Modeling

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Smart Decisions in Complex Systems

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Chi-squared Goodness-of-fit Tests for Censored Data

Stochastic Models in Survival Analysis and Reliability Set – Volume 3

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Baidu SEO

Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

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Supply Chain Management and Business Performance

The VASC Model

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Asymmetric Alliances and Information Systems

Issues and Prospects

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Marine Coastal and Water Pollutions

Oil Spill Studies

Edited by Frédéric Muttin, EIGSI, La Rochelle, France.

ISBN: 9781848216921

Publication Date: June 2014   Hardback   144 pp.

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Identifying efficient solutions to protect coastal regions from marine pollution requires expertise from a range of specialties and strategic approaches. This book gathers information on the impact of oil spills at a coastal level from different experts’ points of view, identifying synergies between domains such as mathematics, numerical modeling, mechanics, biology, economics and law.
The collaborative research presented here is based on the 4th International Workshop on Anti-Pollution and Marine Coastal Water Pollution, held in La Rochelle, France at the Engineering School EIGSI, in April 2012. The areas addressed include: materials and structures (fluid-structure and capture interaction, cable and membrane equations, optimization); coastal hydrodynamics (computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis of shallow water equations, analytical and numerical derivatives); biological impacts (biology, multivariate analysis, indicators); and economics and law (compensation costs, insurance coverage, coastal vulnerability).


1. Structures, Materials and the Environment, Frédéric Muttin, Daniel Priour, Rodrigo Fernandes.
2. Hydrodynamic Modeling and Diffusion of the Pollutant, Frédéric Muttin, Mario Ricchiuto, Imène Meriem Mostefaoui, Mohktar Kirane, Cédric Goeury, Jean-Michel Hervouet.
3. Synthesis of Structures and Hydrodynamic Sessions 1–2, Frédéric Muttin.
4. Biology Toxicology and Coastal Sensitivity Analysis, Frédéric Muttin, Laurent Aprin, Thomas Milinkovitch, Christel Lefrançois, Hélène Thomas-Guyon, Stéphane Lefloch, Céline Duffa, Hervé Thébault.
5. Economy and Laws,Socio-Economic and Environmental Sensitivities, Juridical Aspects, Civil and Penal Charges for Pollution, Frédéric Muttin, Paul Fattal, Yann Rabuteau.
6. Synthesis of Chemical and Biological Impacts, Economy and Laws, Sessions 3-4, Frédéric Muttin.
7. Modeling a Captive Unmanned Aerial System Teledetecting Oil Pollution on the Sea Surface, Frédéric Muttin.

About the Authors

Frédéric Muttin is Professor of Applied Mathematics at EIGSI Ecole d’Ingénieurs, La Rochelle, France. His research interests include sea currents in coastal zones, estuaries and ports, the computation of structures under oceanic conditions, and civil protection and contingency planning.


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