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Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Edited by Henri Maître, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris

ISBN: 9781848210240

Publication Date: June 2008   Hardback   408 pp.

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Synthetic aperture radar provides broad-area imaging at high resolutions, which can be used in applications such as environmental monitoring, earth-resource mapping and military systems.
This book presents the tools required for the digital processing of synthetic aperture radar images, which fall into three categories:
(a) theoretical/physical fundamentals;
(b) mathematical models;
(c) image processing methods adapted to particular applications.
A range of specialist authors examine the various facets of this exciting field, providing a wide-ranging and accessible resource to those interested in this area.


1. The Physical Basis of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery, Jean-Marie Nicolas and Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle.
2. The Principles of Synthetic Aperture Radar, Jean-Marie Nicolas and Frédéric Adragna.
3. Existing Satellite SAR Systems, Jean-Marie Nicolas and Frédéric Adragna.
4. Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, Frédéric Adragna, Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle and Jean-Marie Nicolas.
5. Speckle Models, Armand Lopès, René Garello and Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle.
6. Reflectivity Estimation and SAR Images Filtering, Armand Lopès, Florence Tupin and Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle.
7. Classification of SAR Images, Danielle Ducrot, Florence Tupin and Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle.
8. Detection of Points, Contours and Lines, Florence Tupin and Armand Lopès.
9. Geometry and Relief, Frédéric Adragna.
10. Radargrammetry, Henri Maître.
11. Radarclinometry, Henri Maître.
12. Interferometry, Frédéric Adragna and Jean-Marie Nicolas.
13. Phase Unwrapping, Emmanuel Trouvé and Henri Maître.
14. Radar Oceanography, Jean-Marc Le Caillec and René Garello.

About the Authors

Henri Maître is a Professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris, France where he was Head of the Signal and Image Department from 1999 to 2004. His research includes work on image analysis, image understanding and computer vision, and applications in the domain of satellite and aerial image processing.


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