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Nonlinear Digital Encoders for Data Communications

Calin Vladeanu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania Safwan El Assad, University of Nantes, France

ISBN: 9781848216495

Publication Date: February 2014   Hardback   176 pp.

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The authors of this book present novel solutions for channel coding using nonlinear sequence generators in order to demonstrate that nonlinear encoders can be designed to provide good performances and to encourage researchers to investigate these approaches further.
Chapter 1 introduces nonlinear digital encoders, and their main applications for telecommunications are presented and discussed. A major problem arising from the use of discrete-time nonlinear systems in telecommunications, namely the sequence synchronization in the receiver part, is also addressed. Chapter 2 is dedicated to the presentation of the Frey nonlinear encoder. It is mathematically described using the modulo-2N operators and the properties of these operators are thoroughly analyzed. Taking advantage of the mathematical development from the previous sections, the Matlab/Simulink simulation block schemes for the Frey digital encoder, decoder, including the dead-beat synchronization method are presented. Chapter 3 presents the Frey encoder from a different perspective, i.e. as a convolutional encoder. Chapter 4 analyzes the parallel turbo trellis-coded modulation (TTCM) schemes including convolutional left circulate (LCIRC) encoders. Finally, the Appendices include demonstrations for the mathematical apparatus used throughout the book and Matlab/Simulink source files used to run the simulations.
This book contains many numerical examples that complete the description of the schemes analyzed making the book accessible to students, especially for Masterís and PhD students in the field.


1. Applications of Nonlinear Digital Encoders.
2. Presentation of the Frey Nonlinear Encoder as a Digital Filter.
3. Trellis-Coded Modulation Schemes Using Nonlinear Digital Encoders.
4. Parallel Turbo Trellis-Coded Modulation Schemes Using Nonlinear Digital Encoders.

About the Authors

Calin Vladeanu is Associate Professor of telecommunications at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. His current research interests include turbo-coded modulations for wireless communications, applications of nonlinear sequence generators for spreading and channel coding. He is the author of three books (in Romanian) dedicated to CDMA mobile systems.
Safwan El Assad is Associate Professor at the University of Nantes, France. His current research interests are in the field of chaos-based exchanged and stored information security, including chaos-based cryptography and crypto-compression systems for secure data transmission and storing, chaos-based watermarking and steganography.


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