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Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

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Finite Volumes for Complex Applications IV

Problems & Perspectives

Edited by Fayssal Benkhaldoun Driss Ouazar Said Raghay

ISBN: 9781905209484

Publication Date: August 2005   Hardback   752 pp.

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This volume contains contributions from speakers at the 4th International Symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications, held in Marrakech, Morocco, in July 2005. The subject of these papers ranges from theoretical and numerical results to physical applications.


Theoretical and numerical results:
theoretical foundation
new finite volume schemes
higher order discretization and parallelization
Physical applications:
multiphase flow and flows through porous media
turbulent flows
shallow water problems
stiff source terms
cryogenic applications
medical and biological applications
image processing
Papers on Industrial codes, as well as interdisciplinary approaches are also included in these proceedings.

About the Authors

Fayssal Benkhaldoun is Professor at Paris 13 University since September 2000. His main research activity is devoted to the development of robust numerical schemes for the simulation of fluid flow and in particular combustion phenomena, shallow water and two phase flow. He is the author of more than fifty papers in international journals, and international conferences.
Driss Ouazar is Professor at Mohammadia School of Engineers in Rabat. He is the founder of hydro-systems analysis laboratory. His research activity encompasses water resources issues, modelling and simulation, related information and expert systems.. He is the author of many papers, chapters in books and edited special issues on specialized topics and edited several books.
Said Raghay is Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Marrakech. He is active member at the department of mathematics and Informatics, and participated to many collaborative projects mainly with French institutes. His main research activity concerns reactive and non-reactive fluid flow. He is also involved in e-learning issues. He is the author of many papers in international journals and international conferences.

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