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Reliability Investigation of LED Devices for Public Light Applications

Durability, Robustness and Reliability of Photonic Devices Set

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Aerospace Actuators 2

Signal-by-Wire and Power-by-Wire

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Flash Memory Integration

Performance and Energy Considerations

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Mechanics of Aeronautical Solids, Materials and Structures

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Engineering Investment Process

Making Value Creation Repeatable

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Space Strategy

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Distributed Systems

Concurrency and Consistency

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Fatigue of Textile and Short Fiber Reinforced Composites

Durability and Ageing of Organic Composite Materials Set Volume 1

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Management of the Effects of Coastal Storms

Policy, Scientific and Historical Perspectives

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Computational Color Science

Variational Retinex-like Methods

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Mechanics of Dislocation Fields

Claude Fressengeas

ISBN: 9781848213753

  Hardback   250 pp.

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With the present industrial trend towards system size reduction and material design at the nano-scale, this book aims to characterize the plasticity of crystalline materials at both the micro- and nano-scales.
The author presents the collective behavior of dislocation ensembles
based on a continuous description using the powerful tools of the
mathematical theory of partial differential equations. As, in contrast to the conventional theories of plasticity, it features the relevant interaction mechanisms between the participating crystal defects, this theory is able to describe the emergence of dislocation structures. Examples show the intermittent and self-organized character of plastic activity, the effects of sample size on the plastic behavior, and
the impact of complex loading paths on the material work hardening.

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