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Baidu SEO

Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

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Asymmetric Alliances and Information Systems

Issues and Prospects

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Technicity vs Scientificity

Complementarities and Rivalries

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Freshwater Fishes

250 Million Years of Evolutionary History

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Biostatistics and Computer-based Analysis of Health Data using SAS

Biostatistics and Health Science Set

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Predictive Control

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Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics 1

Categories, Algebraic Structures, Linear and Homological Algebra

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Swelling Concrete in Dams and Hydraulic Structures

DSC 2017

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The Chemostat

Mathematical Theory of Microorganims Cultures

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Earthquake Occurrence

Short- and Long-term Models and their Validation

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Multi-mechanism Modeling of the Inelastic Material Behaviour

Georges Cailletaud Kacem Sai

ISBN: 9781848215801

  Hardback   250 pp.

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This book aims to present a class of so-called multimechanism models that are able to account for complex monotonic and cyclic mechanical behaviors and for deformation mechanisms with a reasonable number of material parameters and internal variables. This is a phenomenological approach, which is intermediate between the unified model type and the micro-mechanical models. The mechanisms
can be associated with different phases or follow various regimes in the material behavior. They can take into account various deformation
modes and provide a good description of plasticity, damage, creep
behavior, creep plasticity interaction and cyclic responses under proportional and non-proportional loading paths for isotropic as well as
anisotropic materials

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