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Systemic Design Methodologies for Electrical Energy Systems

Analysis, Synthesis and Management

Edited by Xavier Roboam, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

ISBN: 9781848213883

Publication Date: October 2012   Hardback   400 pp.

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This book proposes systemic design methodologies applied to electrical energy systems, in particular analysis and system management, modeling and sizing tools. It includes 8 chapters: after an introduction to the systemic approach (history, basics & fundamental issues, index terms) for designing energy systems, this book presents two different graphical formalisms especially dedicated to multidisciplinary devices modeling, synthesis and analysis: Bond Graph and COG/EMR. Other systemic analysis approaches for quality and stability of systems, as well as for safety and robustness analysis tools are also proposed. One chapter is dedicated to energy management and another is focused on Monte Carlo algorithms for electrical systems and networks sizing. The aim of this book is to summarize design methodologies based in particular on a systemic viewpoint, by considering the system as a whole. These methods and tools are proposed by the most important French research laboratories, which have many scientific partnerships with other European and international research institutions. Scientists and engineers in the field of electrical engineering, especially teachers/researchers because of the focus on methodological issues, will find this book extremely useful, as will PhD and Masters students in this field.


1. Introduction to Systemic Design, Stéphan Astier, Alain Bouscayrol and Xavier Roboam.
2. The Bond Graph Formalism for an Energetic and Dynamic Approach of the Analysis and Synthesis of Multiphysical Systems, Xavier Roboam, Eric Bideaux, Genevieve Dauphin-Tanguy, Bruno Sareni and Stéphan Astier.
3. Graphic Formalisms for the Control of Multi-Physical Energetic Systems: COG and EMR, Alain Bouscayrol, Jean Paul Hautier and Betty Lemaire-Semail.
4. The Robustness: A New Approach for the Integration of Energetic Systems, Nicolas Retière, Delphine Riu, Mathieu Sautreuil and Olivier Sename.
5. Quality and Stability of Embedded Power DC Networks, Hubert Piquet, Nicolas Roux, Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh, Serge Pierfederici, Pierre Magne and Jérôme Faucher.
6. Energy Management in Hybrid Electrical Systems with Storage, Christophe Turpin, Stéphan Astier, Xavier Roboam, Bruno Sareni and Hubert Piquet.
7. Stochastic Approach Applied to the Sizing of Energy Chains and Power Systems, Patrick Guérin, Geoffroy Roblot and Laurence Miègeville.
8. Probabilistic Approach for Reliability of Power Systems,Yvon Bésanger and Jean-Pierre Rognon.

About the Authors

Xavier Roboam is a Senior Scientist at Laboratory on Plasma and Conversion of Energy, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France


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