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Textual Information Access

Statistical Models

Edited by Eric Gaussier, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France François Yvon, University of Paris Sud, Orsay, France

ISBN: 9781848213227

Publication Date: April 2012   Hardback   448 pp.

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This book presents statistical models that have recently been developed within several research communities to access information contained in text collections. The problems considered are linked to applications aiming at facilitating information access:
- information extraction and retrieval;
- text classification and clustering;
- opinion mining;
- comprehension aids (automatic summarization, machine translation, visualization).
In order to give the reader as complete a description as possible, the focus is placed on the probability models used in the applications concerned, by highlighting the relationship between models and applications and by illustrating the behavior of each model on real collections.
Textual Information Access is organized around four themes: informational retrieval and ranking models, classification and clustering (regression logistics, kernel methods, Markov fields, etc.), multilingualism and machine translation, and emerging applications such as information exploration.


Part 1: Information Retrieval
1. Probabilistic Models for Information Retrieval, Stéphane Clinchant and Eric Gaussier.
2. Learnable Ranking Models for Automatic Text Summarization and Information Retrieval, Massih-Réza Amini, David Buffoni, Patrick Gallinari, Tuong Vinh Truong and Nicolas Usunier.
Part 2: Classification and Clustering
3. Logistic Regression and Text Classification, Sujeevan Aseervatham, Eric Gaussier, Anestis Antoniadis, Michel Burlet and Yves Denneulin.
4. Kernel Methods for Textual Information Access, Jean-Michel Renders.
5. Topic-Based Generative Models for Text Information Access, Jean-Cédric Chappelier.
6. Conditional Random Fields for Information Extraction, Isabelle Tellier and Marc Tommasi.
Part 3: Multilingualism
7. Statistical Methods for Machine Translation, Alexandre Allauzen and François Yvon.
Part 4: Emerging Applications
8. Information Mining: Methods and Interfaces for Accessing Complex Information, Josiane Mothe, Kurt Englmeier and Fionn Murtagh.
9. Opinion Detection as a Topic Classification Problem, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, Marc El-Bèze, Patrice Bellot and Fréderic Béchet.

About the Authors

Eric Gaussier has been Professor of Computer Science at Joseph Fourier University in France since September 2006. He is currently leading the AMA team, the research of which fits within the general framework of machine learning and information modeling. Since 2010, he has also been deputy director of the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, one of the largest Computer Science laboratories in France.
François Yvon is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Paris Sud in Orsay, France and a member of the Spoken Language Processing group of LIMSI/CNRS. His main research interests include analogy-based and statistical language learning, speech recognition and synthesis, and machine translation. He is currently leading LIMSIís research activities on statistical machine translation.


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