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Ferroelectric Dielectrics Integrated on Silicon

Edited by Emmanuel Defaÿ, CEA LETI Minatec, Grenoble, France

ISBN: 9781848213135

Publication Date: October 2011   Hardback   464 pp.

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This book describes up-to-date technology applied to high-K materials for More Than Moore applications, i.e. microsystems applied to microelectronics core technologies.
After detailing the basic thermodynamic theory applied to high-K dielectrics thin films including extrinsic effects, this book emphasizes the specificity of thin films. Deposition and patterning technologies are then presented. A whole chapter is dedicated to the major role played in the field by X-Ray Diffraction characterization, and other characterization techniques are also described such as Radio frequency characterization. An in-depth study of the influence of leakage currents is performed together with reliability discussion. Three applicative chapters cover integrated capacitors, variables capacitors and ferroelectric memories. The final chapter deals with a reasonably new research field, multiferroic thin films.


1. The Thermodynamic Approach, Emmanuel Defaÿ.
2. Stress Effect on Thin Films, Pierre-Eymeric Janolin.
3. Deposition and Patterning Technologies, Chrystel Deguet, Gwenaël Le Rhun, Bertrand Vilquin and Emmanuel Defaÿ.
4. Analysis Through X-ray Diffraction of Polycrystalline Thin Films, Patrice Gergaud.
5. Physicochemical and Electrical Characterization, Gwenaël Le Rhun, Brahim Dkhil and Pascale Gemeiner.
6. Radio-Frequency Characterization, Thierry Lacrevaz.
7. Leakage Currents in PZT Capacitors, Emilien Bouyssou.
8. Integrated Capacitors, Emmanuel Defaÿ.
9. Reliability of PZT Capacitors, Emilien Bouyssou.
10. Ferroelectric Tunable Capacitors, Benoit Guigues.
11. FRAM Ferroelectric Memories: Basic Operations, Limitations, Innovations and Applications, Christophe Muller.
12. Integration of Multiferroic BiFeO3 Thin Films into Modern Microelectronics, Xiaohong Zhu.

About the Authors

Emmanuel Defaÿ has been involved at CEA LETI Minatec in piezoelectric and High-K dielectrics for 15 years. He has published 70 scientific papers, one book on piezoelectrics and worked with several top level microelectronics manufacturers (IBM, Freescale, ST). He is currently a lecturer at Ecole Centrale Paris and By-Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, UK.


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