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Photon-based Medical Imagery

Edited by Hervé Fanet, CEA–LETI, Grenoble, France

ISBN: 9781848212411

Publication Date: June 2011   Hardback   352 pp.

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The importance of medical imaging for diagnostics is strongly increasing. It is now necessary to have a good knowledge of the different physical principles possible.
This book describes the physical principles and technologies used in medical imaging in detail, and advanced devices are introduced (semiconducting detectors, optical tomography systems, etc.). Reconstruction methods and detection technologies are also described.
Chapters are also dedicated to the most important photon-based techniques used in medical imaging systems: X-ray radiology and tomography, gamma ray tomography, positron tomography, optical tomography.
Of interest to all scientists and engineers working in hospitals or in the medical imaging industry, this book offers a rare global approach to the subject of medical imaging.


1. Interactions between Radiation and Matter: Consequences for Detection and Medical Imaging, Jean-Pierre Moy.
2. Detectors for Medical Imaging, Hervé Fanet.
3. Quantitative Digital Radiography Image Processing, Jean Rinkel and Jean-Marc Dinten.
4. X-Ray Tomography, Françoise Peyrin and Philippe Douek.
5. Positron-Emission Tomography: Principles and Applications, Régine Trébossen.
6. Single Photon Imaging, Irène Buvat.
7. Optical Imaging, Anabela Da Silva.

About the Authors

Hervé Fanet is a Senior Scientist at CEA-LETI in France.


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