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Control of Synchronous Motors

Edited by Jean-Paul Louis, ENS Cachan / UniverSud Paris, France

ISBN: 9781848212732

Publication Date: May 2011   Hardback   432 pp.

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Modern industrial production and manufacturing operations rely on an enormous number of devices known as “motors” - for the countless different operations of machine tools, robots and other specialized machines, these devices operate on objects in motion (generally in rotation) and apply a torque, a speed, or a position, each of which is determined by a high level control and decision-making system element.
This book provides a broad overview of conventional (extending occasionally to the non-conventional) synchronous motor control, from traditional methods based on regulation with inverter control using pulse width modulation (PWM) to some very promising new and advanced methods, such as direct control and feed forward methods.
The authors supply new information and applications in the fields of modeling and of real world control methods, often stressing the very important challenge of implementing controls without mechanical sensors.


1. Synchronous Motor Controls, Problems and Modeling, Jean-Paul Louis, Damien Flieller, Ngac Ky Nguyen and Guy Sturtzer.
2. Optimal Supply and Synchronous Motors Torque Control: Designs in the a-b-c Reference Frame, Damien Flieller, Jean-Paul Louis, Guy Sturtzer and Ngac Ky Nguyen.
3. Optimal Supplies and Synchronous Motors Torque Controls. Design in the d-q Reference Frame, Damien Flieller, Jean-Paul Louis, Guy Sturtzer and Ngac Ky Nguyen.
4. Drive Controls with Synchronous Motors, Jean-Paul Louis, Damien Flieller, Ngac Ky Nguyen and Guy Sturtzer.
5. Digital Implementation of Vector Control of Synchronous Motors, Flavia Khatounian and Eric Monmasson.
6. Direct Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine, Jean-Marie Rétif.
7. Synchronous Machine and Inverter Fault Tolerant Predictive Controls, Caroline Doc, Vincent Lanfranchi and Nicolas Patin.
8. Characterization of Control without a Mechanical Sensor in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines, Maurice Fadel.
9. Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines: Deterministic Methods, Convergence and Robustness, Farid Meibody-Tabar and Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh.

About the Authors

Jean-Paul Louis is Emeritus Professor at ENS Cachan and seacher at SATIE, CNRS. He is associate editor of the European Journal of Electrical Engineering (Hermes).


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