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Self-Compacting Concrete

Edited by Ahmed Loukili, Institute for Research in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM), Nantes University, France

ISBN: 9781848212909

Publication Date: June 2011   Hardback   288 pp.

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Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a relatively new building material. Nowadays, its use is progressively changing the method of concrete placement on building sites.
However, the successful use of SCC requires a good understanding of the behavior of this material, which is vastly different from traditional concrete. For this purpose, a lot of research has been conducted on this area all over the world since 10 years.
Intended for both practitioners and scientists, this book provides research results from the rheological behavior of fresh concrete to durability.


1. Design, Rheology and Casting of Self-Compacting Concretes, Sofiane Amziane, Christophe Lanos and Michel Mouret.
2. Early Age Behavior, Philippe Turcry and Ahmed Loukili.
3. Mechanical Properties and Delayed Deformations, Thierry Vidal, Philippe Turcry, Stéphanie Staquet and Ahmed Loukili.
4. Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete, Emmanuel Roziere and Abdelhafid Khelidj.
5. High Temperature Behavior of Self-Compacting Concretes, Hana Fares, Sébastien Rémond, Albert Noumowé and Geert De Schutter.

About the Authors

Ahmed Loukili is Professor at Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France. His research interests include shrinkage, creep of concrete and durability of advanced cement materials.
In 2009, He received the research prize from National Federation of Public Works, rewarding 10 years of his research on development of new cementitious materials in civil engineering. He coordinated two national projects on development and behavior of Grenn concrete (2007-2010) and Analysis of Containment Reinforced Concrete Buildings (2010-2013).


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