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Reliability Investigation of LED Devices for Public Light Applications

Durability, Robustness and Reliability of Photonic Devices Set

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Aerospace Actuators 2

Signal-by-Wire and Power-by-Wire

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Flash Memory Integration

Performance and Energy Considerations

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Mechanics of Aeronautical Solids, Materials and Structures

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Engineering Investment Process

Making Value Creation Repeatable

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Space Strategy

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Distributed Systems

Concurrency and Consistency

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Fatigue of Textile and Short Fiber Reinforced Composites

Durability and Ageing of Organic Composite Materials Set Volume 1

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Management of the Effects of Coastal Storms

Policy, Scientific and Historical Perspectives

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Computational Color Science

Variational Retinex-like Methods

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Edited by Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier, École de Biologie Industrielle, Cergy, France

ISBN: 9781848212596

Publication Date: April 2011   Hardback   352 pp.

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This book deals with the formulation of industrial products. Its field of application ranges from the food-processing industry to the elastomer industry, showing that the principles of development always follow the same methodology.
It is intended to assist engineers and scientists in the development of efficient formulations during the early stages of the product development process, providing a comprehensive review of mechanisms in formulation development and relevant analytical methods for more specially dispersed systems.
In addition, some practical approaches are illustrated by specialists in various domains: pharmaceutical, food, elastomers, etc.


Part 1. General Information
1. Introduction, André Cheymol.
2. Formulation in Major Organic Chemistry Industries, André Cheymol.
Part 2. Concept and Application
3. Solutions, Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier.
4. Dispersions, Gérard Holtzinger.
5. Formulation of Emulsions, Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier.
6. Suspensions, Gérard Holtzinger.
7. Dispersions in High-Viscosity Mediums: Formulating Polymers, André Cheymol.
Part 3. Formulation According Great Products
8. Dosage Form and Pharmaceutical Development, Vincent Faivre.
9. Formulation of Cosmetic Products, Caroline Rousseau.
10. Formulation of Food Products, Christine Chêné.
11. Formulation of Elastomers, André Cheymol.

About the Authors

Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier works for École de Biologie Industrielle (EBI) in Cergy, France.


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