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Handbook of Asynchronous Machine with Variable Speed

Hubert Razik, Claude Bernard Lyon I University, France

ISBN: 9781848212251

Publication Date: March 2011   Hardback   432 pp.

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This handbook deals with the asynchronous machine in its close environment. It was born from a reflection on this electromagnetic converter whose integration in industrial environments is increasing.
Previously this type of motor operated at fixed speed, but recently it has been integrated more and more in processes at variable speed. For this reason it seemed useful, or necessary, to write a handbook on the various aspects of the motor itself, its control and finishing with the diagnosis aspect.
An asynchronous motor is used in industry nowadays where variation speed and reliability are required. For sensitive systems, we must decisively know the state of the process and inform the operator of the appearance of any anomaly and its severity.


1. Sensors and Electrical Measurements.
2. Analog, Numerical Control.
3. Models of Asynchronous Machines.
4. Speed Variation.
5. Tools of Fuzzy Logic.
6. Diagnostics and Signals Pointing to a Change.
Exercise No. 1: FuzzyLogic.
Exercise No. 2: TheStatorDefect.
Exercise No. 3: The Control of Five-Phase Induction Motors.
Exercise No. 4: The Control of Serial Connected Induction Motors.
Exercise No. 5: Fault Detection of a Three-Phase Voltage Inverter Converter.

About the Authors

Hubert Razik is Full Professor of electrical engineering at Claude Bernard Lyon I University in France and works with the Ampère laboratory in Villeurbanne where he integrated the RDS (Reliability - Diagnosis - Safe control) team.


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