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Reliability Investigation of LED Devices for Public Light Applications

Durability, Robustness and Reliability of Photonic Devices Set

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Aerospace Actuators 2

Signal-by-Wire and Power-by-Wire

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Materials under Extreme Loadings

Edited by Eric Buzaud, DGA, CE Gramat, France Ion R. Ionescu, University Paris 13, France George Z. Voyiadjis, Louisiana State University, USA

ISBN: 9781848211841

Publication Date: June 2010   Hardback   464 pp.

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This book presents recent and cutting edge advances in our understanding of key aspects of the response of materials under extreme loads that take place during high velocity impact and penetration.
The focus of the content is on the numerous challenges associated with characterization and modeling of complex interactions that occur during these highly dynamic events. The following specific topics, among others, are addressed:
– characterization of material behavior under extreme loadings (estimate of damage, effects related to moisture contents, large pressures, large strain rates, etc.);
– measurements of microstructural changes associated with damage and mesoscopic scale modeling;
– macroscopic modeling, using the framework of the theory of viscoplasticity and damage;
– modeling and simulation of localization, cracking and dynamic fragmentation of materials;
– application to penetration mechanics and trajectory instabilities.
The book gathers together selected papers based on the work presented as invited lectures at the 2nd US-France symposium held on 28-30 May 2008 in Rocamadour, France. The conference was organized by Eric Buzaud (DGA, Centre d’Études de Gramat) under the auspices of the International Center for Applied Computational Mechanics (ICACM).


1. Geomaterials Under Extreme Loading: The Natural Case, Philippe Lambert and Hervé Trumel.
2. The Shock Properties of Concrete and Related Materials, Kostas Tsembelis, David J. Chapman, Christopher H. Braithwaite, John E. Field and William G. Proud.
3. Comparison of Shocked Sapphire and Alumina, Geremy Kleiser, Lalit Chhabildas and William Reinhart.
4. Observations of Ballistic Impact Damage in Glass, Stephan Bless.
5. Experimental Analysis of Concrete Behavior Under High Confinement, Xuan Hong Vu, Yann Malecot, Laurent Daudeville and Eric Buzaud.
6. 3D Imaging and the Split Cylinder Fracture of Cement-Based Composites, Eric Landis.
7. Testing Conditions on Kolsky Bar, Weinong Chen.
8. Experimental Approach and Modeling of the Dynamic Tensile Behavior of a Micro-Concrete, Pascal Forquin and Benjamin Erzar.
9. Toward Physically-Based Explosive Modeling: Meso-Scale Investigations, Hervé Trumel, Philippe Lambert, Guillaume Vivier and Yves Sadou.
10. Coupled Viscoplastic Damage Model for Hypervelocity Impact Induced Damage in Metals and Composites, George Z. Voyiadjis.
11. High-Pressure Behavior of Concrete: Experiments and Elastic/Viscoplastic Modeling, Martin J. Schmidt, Oana Cazacu and Mark L. Green.
12. The Virtual Penetration Laboratory: New Developments, Mark D. Adley, Andreas O. Frank, Kent T. Danielson, Stephen A. Akers, James L. O’Daniel and Bruce Patterson.
13. Description of the Dynamic Fragmentation of Glass with a Meso-Damage Model, Xavier Brajer, François Hild and Stéphane Roux.
14. An Approach to Generate Random Localizations in Lagrangian Numerical Simulations, Jacques Petit.
15. X-FEM for the Simulation of Dynamic Crack Propagation, Alain Combescure.
16. DEM Model of a Rigid Missile Impact on a Thin Concrete Slab, Frédéric Donze, Wen-Jie SHIU and Laurent Daudeville.
17. The Lattice Discrete Particle Model (LDPM) for the Numerical Simulation of Concrete Behavior Subject to Penetration, Gianluca Cusatis.
18. An Improved Contact Algorithm for Multi-Material Continuum Codes, Kenneth C. Walls and David L. Littlefield.
19. Parallel Computing for Nonlinear Concrete Modeling, Kent Danielson, Mark Adley and James O’Daniel.

About the Authors

Eric Buzaud is Head of the Shock Physics Group at the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Gramat, France.
Ioan R. Ionescu is Professor in the Department of Engineering Sciences at the University of Paris 13 in France.
George Z. Voyiadjis is the Boyd Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Louisiana State University in the USA.


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