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Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave Dispersion

Instrumentation and Experiment Interpretation

Edited by Yvon Chevalier and Jean Vinh Tuong, ISMEP, St. Ouen, France

ISBN: 9781848211933

Publication Date: June 2010   Hardback   496 pp.

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Part A is devoted to the mechanical and electronic instrumentations. Part B is devoted to experiments and experimental interpretations of elastic (and /or viscoelastic) moduli. As part A presents details on instrumentation, chapters in part B concisely present the aforementioned set-ups and discussion of experimental results.


Part 1. Mechanical and Electronic Instrumentation
1. Guidelines for Choosing the Experimental Set-up, Jean Tuong Vinh.
2. Review of Industrial Analyzers for Material Characterization, Jean Tuong Vinh.
3. Mechanical Part of the Vibration Test Bench, Jean Tuong Vinh.
4. Exciters and Excitation Signals, Jean Tuong Vinh.
5. Transducers, Jean Tuong Vinh and Michel Nugues.
6. Electronic Instrumentation, Connecting Cautions and Signal Processing, Jean Tuong Vinh.
7. The Frequency Hilbert Transform and Detection of Hidden Non-linearities in Frequency Responses, Jean Tuong Vinh.
8. Measurement of Structural Damping, Jean Tuong Vinh.
Part 2. Realization of Experimental Set-ups and Interpretation of Measurements
9. Torsion Test Benches: Instrumentation and Experimental Results, Michel Nugues.
10. Bending Vibration of Rod Instrumentation and Measurements, Dominique Le Nizhery.
11. Longitudinal Vibrations of Rods: Material Characterization and Experimental Dispersion Curves, Yvon Chevalier and Jean Tuong Vinh.
12. Realization of Le Rolland-Sorinís Double Pendulum and Some Experimental Results, Mostefa Archi and Jean-Baptiste Casimir.
13. Stationary and Progressive Waves in Rings and Hollow Cylinders, Yvon Chevalier and Jean Tuong Vinh.
14. Ultrasonic Benches: Characterization of Materials by Wave Propagation Techniques, Patrick Garceau.
15. Wave Dispersion in Rods with a Rectangular Cross-section: Higher Order Theory and Experimentation, Maurice Touratier.

About the Authors

Yvon Chevalier is Emeritus Professor at the Institut Superieur de Mécanique de Paris (SUPMECA), France. Since 2000 he has been coeditor-in-chief of the Mecanique et Industries journal, supported by the French Association of Mechanics. He is a well-known expert in the dynamics of composite materials and the propagation of waves in heterogenous materials. He also has extensive experience in the areas of hyper-elasticity and non-linear viscoelasticity of rubber materials.
Jean Tuong Vinh is Emeritus University Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Paris VI in France. He carries out research into theoretical viscoelasticity, non-linear functional Volterra series, computer algorithms in signal processing, frequency Hilbert transform, special impact testing, wave dispersion in rods and continuous elements and the solution of related inverse problems.


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