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Co-design Approaches for Dependable Networked Control Systems

Edited by Christophe Aubrun, Nancy University, France Daniel Simon, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France Ye-Qiong Song, Nancy University, France

ISBN: 9781848211766

Publication Date: January 2010   Hardback   336 pp.

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Networked Control Systems (NCS) is a growing field of application and calls for the development of integrated approaches requiring multidisciplinary skills in control, real-time computing and communication protocols. This book describes co-design approaches, and establishes the links between the QoC (Quality of Control) and QoS (Quality of Service) of the network and computing resources. The methods and tools described in this book take into account, at design level, various parameters and properties that must be satisfied by systems controlled through a network. Among the important network properties examined are the QoC, the dependability of the system, and the feasibility of the real-time scheduling of tasks and messages. Correct exploitation of these approaches allows for efficient design, diagnosis, and implementation of the NCS. This book will be of great interest to researchers and advanced students in automatic control, real-time computing, and networking domains, and to engineers tasked with development of NCS, as well as those working in related network design and engineering fields.


1. Preliminary Notions and State of the Art, Christophe Aubrun, Daniel Simon and Ye-Qiong Song.
2. Computing Aware Control, Mongi Ben Gaid, David Robert, Olivier Sename, Alexandre Seuret and Daniel Simon.
3. QoC-Aware Dynamic Network QoS Adaptation, Christophe Aubrun et al.
4. Plant-state-based Feedback Scheduling, Mongi Ben Gaid, David Robert, Olivier Sename and Daniel Simon.
5. Overload Management Through Selective Data Dropping, Flavia Felicioni, Ning Jia, Françoise Simonot-Lion and Ye-Qiong Song.
6. Fault Detection and Isolation, Fault-Tolerant Control, Christophe Aubrun et al.
7. Implementation: Control and Diagnosis for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Cédric Berbra, Sylviane Gentil, Suzanne Lesecq and Daniel Simon.

About the Authors

Christophe Aubrun is Professor at Nancy University in France. His research areas are in the field of fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for networked control systems.
Daniel Simon is a scientist at INRIA Rhône-Alpes with the NeCS project team. His areas of research include real-time software design for robot control. He has provided several effective solutions to implement real-time controllers on embedded targets to deal with control and real-time scheduling co-design.
Ye-Qiong Song is Professor at Nancy University in France and with LORIA lab. His research interests include modeling and performance evaluation of networks and real-time distributed systems, as well as the development of real-time QoS mechanisms taking into account the control performance requirements in networked control systems.


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