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Measurements using Optic and RF Waves

Edited by Frédérique de Fornel and Pierre-Noël Favennec

ISBN: 9781848211872

Publication Date: December 2009   Hardback   336 pp.

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Scientific and technical knowledge for measurements in modern electromagnetism must be vast as our electromagnetic environment covers all frequencies and wavelengths. These measurements must be applied to fields as varied as nanotechnologies, telecommunications, meteorology, geolocalization, radioastronomy, health, biology, etc. In order to cover the multiple facets of the topic, this book sweeps the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from several hertz to terahertz; considers distances ranging from nanometers to light-years in optics; before extending towards the various measurement techniques using electromagnetic waves for various applications. This book describes these different facets in eleven chapters, each covering different domains of applications.
This book on science and measurement techniques in electromagnetism, enables us to form a well informed opinion about:
the variety of techniques and methods available to measure the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, in terms of the local field and phase for a broad field of frequencies;
the determination of physical quantities such as distance, time, etc., using electromagnetic properties;
finding new approaches for new requirements in the field of electromagnetic distribution in complex structures media, such as biological tissues and nanosciences.


1. Electromagnetic Environment, Pierre-Noël Favennec.
2. From Measurement to Control of Electromagnetic Waves using a Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope, Loïc Lalouat, Houssein Nasrallah, Benoit Cluzel, Laurent Salomon, Colette Dumas and Frédérique de Fornel.
3. Meteorological Visibility Measurement: Meteorological Optical Range, Hervé Sizun and Maher Al Naboulsi.
4. Low Coherence Interferometry, Xavier Chapeleau, Dominique Leduc, Cyril Lupi, Virginie Gaillard and Christian Boisrobert.
5. Passive Remote Sensing at Submillimeter Wavelengths and THz, Gérard Beaudin.
6. Exposimetry Measurements of the Ambient RF Electromagnetic Fields, Pierre-Noël Favennec.
7. Ambient RF Electromagnetic Measurements in a Rural Environment, Hervé Sizun and Philippe Maliet.
8. Radio Mobile Measurement Techniques, Hervé Sizun.
9. Dosimetry of Interactions Between the Radioelectric Waves and Human Tissues Hybrid Approach of the Metrology, Joe Wiart and Man Faï Wong.
10. Measurement for the Evaluation of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Philippe Besnier, Christophe Lemoine and Mohammed Serhir.
11. High Precision Pulsar Timing in Centrimetric Radioastronomy, Ismaël Cognard.
12. Long Baseline Decameter Interferometry between Nançay and LOFAR, Philippe Zarka.

About the Authors

Frédérique de Fornel, director of research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), is the head of the Near Field Optics Group at Bourgogne University, and past president of D commission of URSI (International Union of Radio Science).
Pierre-Noël Favennec, Doctor of Science, author of numerous scientific books and articles is the director of the Collection Télécom and is past-president of URSI-France.


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