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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Embedded Control

Edited by Rogelio Lozano, UTC, France

ISBN: 9781848211278

Publication Date: May 2010   Hardback   352 pp.

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The development of unmanned aerial vehicles has interested many researchers in recent years. The objective is to design aerial objects able to complete surveillance missions in the most autonomous way possible. This assumes they have the ability to complete stable and solid, disturbance-free hovering or horizontal flights.
The authors present tools needed to obtain dynamic models for several types of aerial objects such as helicopters, airplanes, airships, flying objects and quadri-rotors. They also address non-linear control strategies for each aerodynamic configuration as well as the use of cameras for locating and stabilizing the flying object. The approach presented discusses theoretical as well as practical aspects.
This book presents several prototypes for the experimental validation of the aerodynamic configurations and algorithms proposed. The computer architectures and sensors used are also explained in detail.


1. Aerodynamic Configurations and Dynamic Models, Pedro Castillo and Alejandro Dzul.
2. Nested Saturation Control for Stabilizing the PVTOL Aircraft, Isabelle Fantoni and Amparo Palomino.
3. Two-Rotor VTOL Mini UAV: Design, Modeling and Control, Juan Escareno, Sergio Salazar and Eduardo Rondon.
4. Autonomous Hovering of a Two-Rotor UAV, Anand Sanchez, Juan Escareno and Octavio Garcia.
5. Modeling and Control of a Convertible Plane UAV, Octavio Garcia, Juan Escareno and Victor Rosas.
6. Control of Different UAVs with Tilting Rotors, Juan Escareno, Anand Sanchez and Octavio Garcia.
7. Improving Attitude Stabilization of a Quad-Rotor Using Motor Current Feedback, Anand Sanchez, Luis Garcia-Carrillo, Eduardo Rondon and Octavio Garcia.
8. Robust Control Design Techniques Applied to Mini-Rotorcraft UAV: Simulation and Experimental Results, José Alfredo Guerrero, Gerardo Romero, Rogelio Lozano and Efraín Alcorta.
9. Hover Stabilization of a Quad-Rotor Using a Single Camera, Hugo Romero and Sergio Salazar.
10. Vision-Based Position Control of a Two-Rotor VTOL Mini UAV, Eduardo Rondon, Sergio Salazar, Juan Escareno and Rogelio Lozano.
11. Optic Flow-Based Vision System for Autonomous 3D Localization and Control of Small Aerial Vehicles, Farid Kendoul, Isabelle Fantoni and Kenzo Nonami.
12. Real-Time Stabilization of an Eight-Rotor UAV Using Stereo Vision and Optical Flow, Hugo Romero, Sergio Salazar and José Gómez.
13. Three-Dimensional Localization, Juan Gerardo Castrejon-Lozano and Alejandro Dzul.
14. Updated Flight Plan for an Autonomous Aircraft in a Windy Environment, Yasmina Bestaoui and Fouzia Lakhlef.

About the Authors

Rogelio Lozano is Research Director at CNRS in France.


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