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Materials and Thermodynamics

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Mechanics of Aeronautical Composite Materials

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Finite Physical Dimensions Optimal Thermodynamics 1


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Co-design in Living Labs for Healthcare and Independent Living

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Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks

Metaheuristics Set Volume 10

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RCS Synthesis for Chipless RFID

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Fundamentals of Electronics 1

Electronic Components and Elementary Functions

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Swift Ion Beam Analysis in Nanosciences

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Inside Anthropotechnology

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Ethics in Social Networking and Business 1

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Renewable Energy Technologies

Edited by Jean-Claude Sabonnadière, INPG, Grenoble, France Translation by Professors Sheppard Salon and Dawn Stuart Weinraub

ISBN: 9781848211353

Publication Date: June 2009   Hardback   512 pp.

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This book addresses the main characteristics of the emerging generation of technologies which will be employed to provide energy for the power grid over the next 20 years.
It includes a discussion of solar energy in its various forms, such as photovoltaic, thermal and thermodynamic energy conversion, taking into account the various issues associated with the connection of these solar plants to the grid. Wind technologies are today in full development and the chapters dedicated to this technology describe the state of the art, taking into consideration the consequences of adding large quantities of this intermittent energy source into power grids, one of which may be wide disturbances. Energy from the sea completes the overview of this type of energy source, with a chapter on very small hydraulic plants which will become of increasing interest as fossil fuels become more and more expensive.
The volume continues with an analysis of geothermal energy along three lines: heat pumps, heat, and electric energy generation. Finally, energy from biomass, which is also becoming of great interest due to the high cost of fossil fuels, is examined. This part of the book provides a wide-ranging description of biofuels and biogas and gives special focus to sources of energy from wood, as a substitute for gas or oil energy heating.


1. Photovoltaic Electricity Production, J.-C. Muller.
2. Photovoltaic Systems Connected to the Grid, S. Bacha, D. Chatroux.
3. Solar Heating, Ch. Marvillet.
4. Solar Thermodynamic Power Stations, A Ferrière.
5. Wind Systems Technology, R. Belhomme, D. Roye, N. Laverdure.
6. Integration of Wind Turbine Generators into the Grid, R. Belhomme, D. Roye, N. Laverdure.
7. Marine Energy Resource Conversion Systems, B. Multon, A. Clément, M. Ruellan, J. Seigneurbieux,
H. Ben Ahmed.
8. Small Hydropower, R. Chenal, A. Choulot, V. Denis, N. Tissot.
9. Geothermal Energy Production, F. Jaudin, L. Le Bel.
10. Biofuels, F. Monot, J.-L. Duplan, N. Alazard-Toux, S. His.
11. Biogas, P. Labeyrie.
12. Energy Production from Wood, F. Douard.

About the Authors

Jean-Claude Sabonnadière is Emeritus Professor at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.


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