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Secure Connected Objects

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Banach, Fréchet, Hilbert and Neumann Spaces

Analysis for PDEs Set Volume 1

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Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

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Data Treatment in Environmental Sciences

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Exterior Algebras

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Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates

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Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

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Automotive Electricity

Electric Drives

Edited by Joseph Beretta, PSA Peugeot Citroën, France.

ISBN: 9781848210950

Publication Date: February 2010   Hardback   336 pp.

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In the last few decades, electrical goods have become a fixture of our everyday lives, and in the last decade, although at a slow rate, the issue of using electricity in cars has also developed. This title discusses both the historic and scientific issues surrounding automotive electricity, as well as potential future developments, such as hybrid vehicles and fuel cells. In the current context of energy-saving and pollution control, this will provide an intriguing and timely examination of a potentially enormous new market.


1. Introduction, J. Beretta.
2. Basic Definitions, J. Beretta.
3. Electric-powered Vehicles, J. Beretta, C. Bleijs, F. Badin, T. Alleau.
4. The Components of Electric-powered Vehicles, J. Beretta, J. Bonal, T. Alleau.
5. Prospects and Evolutions of Electric Powered Vehicles: What Technologies by 2015?, J. Beretta.

About the Authors

Joseph Beretta is currently with the Division of Research and Automobile Innovation at PSA Peugeot Citroën, where he is responsible for the domain of electromechanical research, electrochemistry, electronics and systems.


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