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Electrical Actuators

Identification and observation

Edited by Bernard de Fornel, ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France. Jean-Paul Louis, Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan, France

ISBN: 9781848210967

Publication Date: April 2010   Hardback   496 pp.

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Electrical drive control is well known for regulating the magnetic flux and torque.
These controls also use some electrical and mechanical variables that are not directly measurable. The authors, with great experience in the domains of research, teaching and industrial applications, develop methods and realizations in identification, estimation and observation.
The measurement and identification of the parameters of electrical machines and some state observers for them are studied in this book. Also, several experiments are performed concerning some deterministic and stochastic state observers for these machines.
This book will hold great interest for scientific and industrial researchers in the field of variable speed drives.


Part 1. Measures and Identifications
1. Identification of Induction Motor in Sinusoidal Mode, Edouard Laroche and Jean-Paul Louis.
2. Modeling and Parameters Determination of the Saturated Synchronous Machine, Ernest Matagne and Emmanuel De Jaeger.
3. Real-time Estimation of the Induction Machine Parameters, Luc Loron.
Part 2. Observer Examples
4. Linear Estimators and Observers for the Induction Machine, Maria Pietrzak-David, Bernard de Fornel and Alain Bouscayrol.
5. Decomposition of a Determinist Flux Observer for the Induction Machine: Cartesian and Reduced Order Structures, Alain Bouscayrol, Maria Pietrzak-David and Bernard de Fornel.
6. Observer Gain Determination Based on Parameter Sensitivity Analysis, Benoît Robyns.
7. Observation of the Load Torque of an Electrical Machine, Maurice Fadel and Bernard de Fornel
8. Observation of the Rotor Position to Control the Synchronous Machine without Mechanical Sensor, Stéphane Caux and Maurice Fadel.

About the Authors

Bernard de FORNEL: Professor, Engineer and doctor in Sciences in the school ingeneering ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, he was specialised in the variable speed drives of the electrical machines in his teaching, his research. He managed several industrial contracts with some aeronautic al and railway industries. More 150 papers are published in reviews and conferences. He was director of about 50 doctorat thesis.
Jean-Paul LOUIS: Engineer, PHD, is currently professor emeritus at Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan (France). Teachings and researches concern modelling and control of electrical systems.


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