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Communicating Embedded Systems

Software and design

Edited by Claude Jard, ENS Cachan, France. Olivier H. Roux, Nantes University, France.

ISBN: 9781848211438

Publication Date: November 2009   Hardback   288 pp.

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The increased complexity of embedded systems coupled with quick design cycles to accommodate faster time-to-market requires increased system design productivity that involves both model-based design and tool-supported methodologies.
Formal methods are mathematically-based techniques and provide a clean framework in which to express requirements and models of the systems, taking into account discrete, stochastic and continuous (timed or hybrid) parameters with increasingly efficient tools.
This book deals with these formal methods applied to communicating embedded systems by presenting the related industrial challenges and the issues of modeling, model-checking, diagnosis and control synthesis, and by describing the main associated automated tools.


1. Models for Embedded Real-time Systems, D. Lime, O. H. Roux and J. Srba.
2. Timed Model-Checking, B. Bérard.
3. Control of Timed Systems, F. Cassez, N. Markey.
4. Fault Diagnosis of Timed Systems, F. Cassez, S. Tripakis.
5. Quantitative Verification of Markov Chains, S. Donatelli, S. Haddad.
6. Tools for Model-Checking Timed Systems, A. David et al.
7. Tools for the Analysis of Hybrid Models, T. Dang, G. Frehse, A. Girard, C. Le Guernic.

About the Authors

Claude Jard is full professor at ENS Cachan Campus of Ker-Lann. His research works relate to the formal analysis of asynchronous parallel systems.
Olivier H. Roux is an Assistant Professor at Nantes University and his research focusses on validation and verification of embedded systems, real-time and hybrid systems.


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