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Handbook of Compressible Aerodynamics

Jean Délery, ONERA, France

ISBN: 9781848211414

Publication Date: June 2010   Hardback   768 pp.

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This book is dedicated to compressible aerodynamic flows in the context of the inviscid fluid hypothesis. Each chapter offers a simple theoretical presentation followed by an overview of practical calculation methods based on recent results, in order to make theoretical understanding easier and present current applications. Chapters 1 through 8 introduce the fundamental principles of theoretical aerodynamics and continue with vital reminders for understanding the discussions in the following chapters. Chapters 9 through 17 present the theory of steady unidimensional flows and breach surfaces such as shock waves and flow lines. This is central to gas dynamics. Chapters 18 through 24 develop the theory of characteristics applied to the study of supersonic flows as well as unsteady flows. The final chapter describes specific properties of transonic flows.


1. Aerodynamics: Aims, Areas of Application and Current Issues.
2. Aerodynamic Forces: Basic Definitions.
3. Review of Thermodynamics.
4. Fundamental Equations of Fluid Mechanics.
5. First Applications of the Conservation Equations.
6. Dimensionless Equations: Similarity Parameters.
7. Classification of Flows.
8. Fundamental Concepts of Fluid Mechanics.
9. One-Dimensional, Non-Viscous and Adiabatic Steady Flows.
10. Application of the One-Dimensional Theory to the Calculation of Supersonic Nozzles.
11. One-Dimensional Flows with Friction and Heat Transfer.
12. Application of the One-Dimensional Theory to the Calculation of Supersonic Ejectors.
13. Discontinuity Surfaces: Shock Wave and Slip Line.
14. Oblique Shock Wave and Shock Polar.
15. Shock Intersections or Shock–Shock Interferences.
16. Application of the Shock Wave Theory to Supersonic Air Intakes.
17. Supersonic, Steady, Two-Dimensional Flows and the Theory of Characteristics.
18. The Numerical Method of Characteristics.
19. Application of the Method of Characteristics to the Calculation of Supersonic Nozzles.
20. Flows with Shock Waves: Rotational Method of Characteristics.
21. One-Dimensional, Non-Viscous and Adiabatic Unsteady Flows.
22. Unsteady Shock Wave, Contact Surface, and Wave Reflections.
23. Shock Tube.
24. Numerical Methods for Calculating Unsteady Flows.
25. Some Properties of Transonic Flows.
Appendix 1. Review of Mathematical Notations and Relations.
Appendix 2. Table of Useful Relations for the Fundamental Concepts of Aerodynamics.
Appendix 3. Table of Useful Relations for Stationary One-dimensional Flows and Discontinuity Surfaces.
Appendix 4. Table of Useful Relations for Applications of the Theory of Characteristics and Transonic Flows.

About the Authors

Jean Délery is a Supaero engineer who has worked at Onera since 1964. He has participated in major French and European aerospace programs. He is the author of several scientific publications, and has occupied various teaching positions particularly at Supaero, the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin, Ecole polytechnique and “La Sapienza” University in Rome. He is currently emeritus adviser at Onera.


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