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Edited by Stéphane Colin, University of Toulouse, France

ISBN: 9781848210974

Publication Date: May 2010   Hardback   464 pp.

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The recent development of micro technologies nowadays allows designing complex microsystems devoted to transport, dosing, mixing, analysis or even synthesis of fluids. Applications are numerous and concern every industrial field, so varied as biotechnologies or aeronautics. Microfluidics is a young research area relating to microsystems involving internal flows with characteristic dimensions of the order of one micrometer.
The goal of this book is to provide engineers or researchers with tools for modelling, experimenting et simulating these microflows, as a preliminary step for designing and optimising fluidic microsystems. The various consequences of miniaturisation on the hydrodynamics of gas, liquid or two-phase flows, as well as on associated heat transfer, are analysed. The book is illustrated with examples showing the diversity and the originality of fluidic microsystems.


1. Introduction to Microflows, Stéphane Colin.
2. Gaseous Microflows, Jean-Claude Lengrand and Tatiana T. Elizarova.
3. Liquid Microflows: Particularities and Modeling, Christine Barrot and Jean-Pierre Delplanque.
4. Physiological Microflows, Jacques Dufaux, Marc Durand, Gérard Guiffant and Kristine Jurski.
5. Single-Phase Heat Transfer, Sedat Tardu.
6. Two-Phase Microflows, Olivier Lebaigue.
7. Experimental Methods, Lucien Baldas and Robert Caen.
8. Fluidic Microsystems, Isabelle Dufour and Olivier Français.
9. Microsystems in Macroflows Active Control, Sedat Tardu.

About the Authors

Stéphane Colin is a Professor at the University of Toulouse, France. He is the co-chair of the first European Conference on Microfluidics, and coordinates a European training network on gas microflows.


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