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Handbook of Heterogenous Kinetics

Michel Soustelle, Ecole nationale supérieure des mines, St Etienne, France

ISBN: 9781848211001

Publication Date: March 2010   Hardback   960 pp.

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This title provides a comprehensive overview of all the theoretical and practical bases of heterogenous kinetics and reactivity of solids. It applies the new concepts of reactivity and spatial function, introduced by the author, for both nucleation and growth processes, which makes it possible to give an unified presentation of the reactivity of bulk and powder solids.
The book describes the methodology of building a mechanism of a transformation from experimental data, then explains how to obtain the kinetic law as a function of time, temperature, partial pressures and concentrations. Laws given in other works are also covered.
Numerous exercises and problems are provided at the end of the book to enrich the reader’s understanding of the subject.


1. Definition and Experimental Approach.
2. The Real Solid: Structure Elements and Quasi-chemical Reactions.
3. Thermodynamics of Heterogenous Systems.
4. Elementary Steps in Heterogenous Reactions.
5. Chemical Diffusion.
6. Chemical Adsorption.
7. Mechanisms and Kinetics of a Process.
8. Nucleation of a New Solid Phase.
9. Growth of a Solid Phase.
10. Transformations by Surface Nucleation and Growth.
11. Modeling and Experiments.
12. Granular Coalescence.
13. Decomposition Reactions of Solids.
14. Reactions Between Solids.
15. Gas-solid Reactions.
16. Transformations of Solid Solutions.
17. Modeling of Mechanisms.
18. Mechanisms and Kinetic Laws.
19. Mechanisms and Reactivity.
20. Appendices 1 to 11.

About the Authors

Michel Soustelle is an Emeritus Professor at the Ecole nationale supérieure des mines, St Etienne, France, where he founded and headed the laboratory of heterogeneous kinetics for 20years.


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