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Fatigue Damage

Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis Series Volume 4

Christian Lalanne

ISBN: 9781848211254

Publication Date: June 2009   Hardback   448 pp.

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Fatigue damage in a system with one degree of freedom is one of the two criteria applied when comparing the severity of vibratory environments. The same criterion is also used for a specification representing the effects produced by the set of vibrations imposed in a real environment. In this volume, which is devoted to the calculation of fatigue damage, Christian Lalanne explores the hypotheses adopted to describe the behavior of material affected by fatigue and the laws of fatigue accumulation.
The author also considers the methods for counting response peaks, which are used to establish the histogram when it is not possible to use the probability density of the peaks obtained with a Gaussian signal. The expressions for mean damage and its standard deviation are established and other hypotheses are tested.


1. Concepts of Material Fatigue.
2. Accumulation of Fatigue Damage.
3. Counting Methods for Analyzing Random Time History.
4. Fatigue Damage by One-degree-of-freedom Mechanical System.
5. Standard Deviation of Fatigue Damage.
6. Fatigue Damage using other Assumptions for Calculation.
7. Low Cycle Fatigue.
8. Fracture Mechanics.

About the Authors

Christian Lalanne is a Consultant Engineer who previously worked as an expert at the French Atomic Energy Authority and who has specialized in the study of vibration and shock for more than 40 years. He has been associated with the new methods of drafting testing specifications and associated informatic tools.


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