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The Modeling Process in Geography

From Determinism to Complexity

Edited by Yves Guermond, University of Rouen, France

ISBN: 9781848210875

Publication Date: November 2008   Hardback   376 pp.

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This title focuses on the evolution of the modelling process and on the new research perspectives in theoretical and applied geography, as well as spatial planning.
In the last 50 years, the achievements of spatial analysis models opened the way to a new understanding of the relationship between society and geographical space. In this book, these models are confronted by the real conditions of territorial prospect, regional dynamism, cultural policy, HMO and spatial segregation. This confrontation takes into account the instability of social behavior and the permanence of partial determinist trajectories.


1. The Place of Both the Modeland Modeling in HSS, P. Langlois, D. Reguer.
2. From Classic Models to Incremental Models, Y. Guermond.
3. The Formalization of Knowledge in a Reality Simplifying System, F. Lucchini.
4. 4. Modeling and Territorial Forecasting: The Modeling of Réunion's Spatial System, G. Lajoie.
5. One Model May Conceal Another: Models of Health Geographies, A. Vaguet.
6. Operational Models in HMO, J.-F. Mary, J.-M. Toussaint.
7. Modeling Spatial Logics of the Individual Behaviors: From Methodological Environmentalism to Individual Resident Strategist, M. Bussi.
8. Temporalities and Modeling of Regional Dynamics: The Case of the European Union, B. Elissalde.
9. Modeling the Watershed as a Complex Spatial System: A Review, D. Delahaye.
10. Understanding to Measure or Measuring to Understand? HBDS: Towards a Conceptual Approach or the Geographic Modeling of the Real, T. Saint-Gerand.
11. Complexity and Spatial Systems, P. Langlois.
12. Cellular Automata for Modeling Spatial Systems, P. Langlois.
13. Multi-Agent Systems for Simulation in Geography: Moving Towards an Artificial Geography, E. Daudé.

About the Authors

Yves Guermond is Emeritus Professor at the University of Rouen, France.


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