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GALILEO The European Global Navigation Satellite System

Dragos Zaharia, Consultant

ISBN: 9781848210868

  Hardback   320 pp.

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This innovative book provides an expert insight into the detailed operation mode of the European Global Navigation Satellite System GALILEO. It covers all the elements necessary for a complete understanding of GALILEO, including: existing and future concurrent systems like the GPS system, GLONASS, Beidou, the GALILEO system operation, the integration of GALILEO into the GNSS, related items such as EGNOS and/or other augmentation systems.
Close attention is paid to the innovative characteristics and services offered by GALILEO, and its detailed features are also covered. An extensive bibliography is provided, so that the reader can further explore areas of interest.


1. Basics of Navigation Reference Coordinate Systems.
2. Basic Satellite Navigation Concepts Ranging Based on Time of Arrival Measurements.
3. The GPS System Architecture.
4. GPS Augmentation Systems.
5. The GALILEO System Architecture.
6. GALILEO System Operation Signal Acquisition and Demodulation.
7. Propagation Consideration Free Space Propagation.
8. Expected GALILEO Stand-alone Equipment Performance.
9. GALILEO Stand-alone Receiver Architecture Hardware Considerations.
10. GALILEO Interoperability.
12. GALILEO Future Trends.
13. GALILEO Markets.

About the Authors

Dragos Zaharia is a specialist in the field of radiocommunications, particularly on signal processing systems.

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