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Simulation For Supply Chain Management

Edited by Caroline Thierry, University of Toulouse, France André Thomas, ENSTIB, Nancy University, France Gérard Bel, French Aerospace Lab., France

ISBN: 9781848210905

Publication Date: June 2008   Hardback   360 pp.

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This book provides a detailed insight into the simulation approaches employed in the study of supply chain management and control. It begins by examining the types of simulation models (continuous simulation, discrete-event systems and simulation games) before moving on to the distribution levels of systems and models. It concludes with a thorough discussion of simulation products. Simulation methodologies and techniques are also covered throughout the text and case studies are included to highlight the pivotal role played by simulation in the decision-making processes of those working in this field.


1. Supply Chain Management Simulation: An Overview, C. Thierry, G. Bel, A. Thomas.
2. Continuous Simulation for SCM, D. Thiel, V. Th. Le Hoa.
3. Discrete-event Simulation for Supply Chain Management, V. Botta-Genoulaz, J. Lamothe, F. Picard, F. Riane, A. Valla.
4. Simulation Games, T. Moyaux, E. Ballot, M. Greif, B. Simon.
5. Centralized Approaches for Supply Chain Simulation: Issues and Applications, L. Benyoucef, V. Jain, P. Charpentier.
6. The Interests of Agents for Supply Chain Simulation, T. Monteiro, D. Anciaux, B. Espinasse, A. Ferrarini, O. Labarthe, D. Roy.
7. Agent-based Simulation of Business Network Planning and Coordination Systems, T. Monteiro, D. Anciaux, S. D'Amours, B. Espinasse, A. Ferrarini, O. Labarthe, D. Roy.
8. Simulation for Product-driven Systems, A. Thomas, P. Castagna, R. Pannequin, T. Klein, H. El Haouzi, P. Blanc, O. Cardin.
9. HLA Distributed Simulation Approaches for Supply Chains, F. Ounnar, B. Archimede, P. Charbonnaud, P. Pujo.
10. Software Tools for Simulation, F. Fontanili, P. Castagna, B. Yannou.

About the Authors

Caroline Thierry is an Associate Professor at the University of Toulouse. Her research in ONERA then in IRIT focuses on decision systems in supply chain management.
André Thomas is professor at ENSTIB - CRAN-CNRS Nancy University , he works with companies producing manufactured goods for research projects on Supply Chain Control Methods
Gérard Bel was professor and researcher at the French Aerospace Lab. He participated to more than 100 research projects in industry (systems design and management).


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