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Dynamics of Structures

Patrick Paultre, Sherbrooke University, Quebec, Canada

ISBN: 9781848210639

Publication Date: October 2010   Hardback   816 pp.

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This book addresses the topic of structural dynamics, which is a branch of structural analysis devoted to the behavior of structures subjected to dynamic loads, from a theoretical and algorithmic approach. Dynamic loads can originate from many sources, including for example loading caused by geophysical phenomena such as wind, waves or earthquakes, or manmade sources such as traffic, explosive blasts, or other impacts.
The book covers systems with both single and multiple degrees-of-freedom, and numerous case studies are provided to give the reader a deeper insight into the real-world practicalities and constraints of the field. Solutions to these case studies are given in terms of real-time and frequency in both geometric and modal spaces.
Finally, emphasis is given to the subject of seismic loading, which makes the book especially important and relevant to mechanical, structural and civil engineers working with these loads in mind.
The book draws heavily on the best elements of teaching of structural dynamics at numerous institutions and will therefore be an accessible and practical aid to all students of the subject, as well as an invaluable reference for practicing professionals and researchers.


1. Introduction.
Part 1. Single Degree of Freedom Systems
2. Equations of Motion.
3. Free Response.
4. Forced Response to Harmonic Loading.
5. Measurement of Damping.
6. Forced Response to Periodic Loading.
7. Response to Arbitrary Loading in the Time Domain.
8. Forced Response to Arbitrary Loading in the Frequency Domain.
9. Direct Time Integration of Linear Systems.
10. Direct Time Integration of Nonlinear Systems.
11. Generalized Systems.
12. Response to Earthquake Excitation.
Part 2. Multiple Degree of Freedom Systems
13. Equations of Motion.
14. Finite Element Method.
15. Free Response of Conservative Systems.
16. Free Response of Non-conservative Systems
17. Response to Arbitrary Loading by Modal Superposition.
18. Response to Earthquake Excitation by Modal Superposition.
19. Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
20. Reduction of Coordinates.
21. Numerical Methods for Eigenproblems.
22. Direct Time Integration of Linear Systems.
23. Direct Time Integration of Nonlinear Systems.

About the Authors

Patrick Paultre is Professor of Structural Engineering and Canada Research Chair on Earthquake Engineering at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.


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