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Materials and Surface Engineering in Tribology

Jamal Takadoum, ENSMM, Besançon, France

ISBN: 9781848210677

Publication Date: November 2008   Hardback   240 pp.

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This title is designed to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of tribology and will thus serve as a useful reference guide suitable for students, researchers and engineers alike.
The book is divided into three sections.
Section 1 introduces the notion of a surface in tribology where a solid surface is described from topographical, structural, mechanical and energetic perspectives. It also describes the principal techniques used to characterize and analyze surfaces.
Section 2 discusses what may be called tribology proper by introducing and describing the concepts of adhesion, friction, wear and lubrication.
Section 3 focuses on the materials used in tribology, introducing the major classes of materials used, either in their bulk states or as coatings, including both hard-facing protective layers and other coatings used for decorative purposes.


1. Surfaces
1.1. Introduction
1.2. The surface state
2. Tribology
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Elements of solid mechanics
2.3. Elements of contact mechanics
2.4. Friction
2.5. Nanotribology
2.6. Wear
2.7. Lubrication
2.8. Wear-corrosion: tribocorrosion and erosion-corrosion
3. Materials for Tribology
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Bulk materials
3.3. Surface treatments and coatings
3.4. Hard anti-wear and decorative coatings
3.5. Characterization of coatings: hardness, adherence and internal stresses

About the Authors

Jamal Takadoum is Professor of Materials Science in the National Engineering Graduate School of Mechanics and Microtechnologies (ENSMM), Besançon, France.


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