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Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

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Short- and Long-term Models and their Validation

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Finite Volumes for Complex Applications V

Problems & Perspectives

Edited by Robert Eymard, Paris-Est University, France. Jean-Marc Hérard, EDF, France

ISBN: 9781848210356

Publication Date: May 2008   Hardback   960 pp.

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This volume contains papers presented at the 5th International Symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications, held at Aussois, France, in June 2008.
The first part includes papers concerned with:
- Theoretical and numerical results, for instance: convergence, new finite volume schemes, adaptivity, approximation of probability laws.
- Physical applications, in particular multiphase flows and flows through porous media, turbulent flows, shallow-water problems, image processing.
The second part contains papers which present the results of a benchmark devoted to the comparison of numerical methods for the approximation of heterogeneous and anisotropic diffusion problems.

About the Authors

Robert Eymard is Professor of Mathematics at Paris-Est University, France. His research interests relate to the use and the mathematical analysis (for example convergence properties) of numerical methods, and particularly finite volume methods, in various industrial frameworks.
Jean-Marc Hérard is a senior engineer in the research branch of EDF (Electricité de France). He is currently in charge of the research program in numerical methods for the EDF-CEA-AREVA-IRSN joint project NEPTUNE. He is involved in the mathematical and numerical modeling of single-phase and multiphase flows.
His research topics also include the development of new finite volume schemes for the computation of hyperbolic systems.


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