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Mathematical Methods in Survival Analysis, Reliability and Quality of Life

Edited by Catherine Huber, Université de Paris René Descartes, France. Nikolaos Limnios, University of Technology of Compiègne, France. Mounir Mesbah, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, France. Mikhail Nikulin, Université Victor Segalen, Bordeaux 2, France.

ISBN: 9781848210103

Publication Date: February 2008   Hardback   376 pp.

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Reliability and survival analysis are important applications of stochastic mathematics (probability, statistics and stochastic processes) that are usually covered separately in spite of the similarity of the mathematical theory involved.
This book aims to redress this situation: it includes 21 chapters divided into four parts: survival analysis, reliability, quality of life and related topics. Many of these chapters are based on papers that were presented at the European Seminar on Mathematical Methods for Survival Analysis, Reliability and Quality of Life in 2006.


Part 1. Survival Analysis
1. Model Selection for Additive Regression in Presence of Right-censoring, E. Brunel and F. Comte.
2. Non-parametric Estimation of Conditional Probabilities, Means and Quantiles Under Bias Sampling, O. Pons.
3. Inference in Transformation Models for Arbitrarily Censored and Truncated Data, F. Vonta, C. Huber.
4. Introduction of Within-area Risk Factor Distribution in Ecological Poisson Models, L. Fortunato et al.
5. Semi-Markov Processes and Usefulness in Medicine, E. Mathieu-Dupas, C. Gras-Aygon, J-P. Daures.
6. Bivariate Cox models, M. Broniatowski, A. Depire, Y. Ritov.
7. A Non-parametric Estimation of a Class of Survival Functionals, B. Abdous.
8. Approximate Likelihood in Survival Models, H. Läuter.
Part 2. Reliability
9. Cox Regression with Missing Values of a Covariate Having a Non-proportional Effect in Risk of Failure, J-F. Dupuy, E. Leconte.
10. Exact Bayesian Variable Sampling Plan for Exponential Distribution under Type-I Censoring, C-T. Lin, Y-L. Huang, N. Balakrishnan.
11. Reliability of Stochastic Dynamical Systems Applied to Fatigue Crack Growth Modeling, J. Chiquet and N. Limnios,
12. Statistical Analysis of a Redundant System with One Stand-by Unit, V. Bagdonavicius and I. Masiulaityte, M. Nikulin.
13. A Modified Chi-squared Goodness-of-fit Test for the Three-parameter Weibull Distribution and its Applications in Reliability, V. Voinov, R. Alloyarova and N. Pya.
14. Accelerated Life Testing when the Hazard Rate Function has Cup Shape, V. Bagdonavicius, L. Clerjaud, M. Nikulin.
15. Point Processes in Software Reliability, J. Ledoux.
Part 3. Quality of Life
16. Likelihood Inference for the Latent Markov Rasch Model, F. Bartolucci , F. Pennoni, M. Lupparelli.
17. Selection of Items Fitting a Rasch Model, J-B. Hardouin, M. Mesbah.
18. Analysis of Longitudinal HrQoL using Latent Regression in the Context of Rasch Modeling, S. Bacci.
19. Empirical Internal Validation and Analysis of a Quality of Life Instrument in French Diabetics Patients During an Educational Intervention, J. Chwalow et al.
Part 4. Related Topics
20. Deterministic Modeling of the Size of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Cuba, R. Lounes, H. de Arazoza, Y. H.Hsieh, J. Joanes.
21. Some Probabilistic Models Useful in Sport Sciences, L. Gerville-Réache, M. Nikulin, S. Orazio, N. Paris, V. Rosa.

About the Authors

Catherine Huber is an Emeritus Professor at the Université de Paris René Descartes, France.
Nikolaos Limnios is a Professor at the University of Technology of Compiègne, France.
Mounir Mesbah is a Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, France.
Mikhail Nikulin is a Professor at the Université Victor Segalen, Bordeaux 2, France.


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