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Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials and Wave Dispersion

Edited by Yvon Chevalier and Jean Vinh Tuong, ISMEP, St. Ouen, France

ISBN: 9781848210776

Publication Date: March 2010   Hardback   672 pp.

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Over the last 50 years, the various available methods of investigating dynamic properties of materials have resulted in significant advances in this area of materials science. Dynamic tests have also recently proven to be as efficient as static tests, and have the advantage that they are often easier to use at lower frequency. This book explores dynamic testing, the methods used, and the experiments performed, placing a particular emphasis on the context of bounded medium elastodynamics.
The book initially focuses on the complements of continuum mechanics before moving on to the various types of rod vibrations: extensional, bending and torsional. In addition, chapters contain practical examples alongside theoretical discussion to facilitate the readerís understanding. The results presented are the culmination of over 30 years of research by the authors and will be of great interest to anyone involved in this field.


Part 1. Constitutive Equations of Materials
1. Elements of Anisotropic Elasticity and Complements on Previsional Calculation, Y. Chevalier.
2. Elements of Linear Viscoelasticity, Y. Chevalier.
3. Two Useful Topics in Applied Viscoelasticity: Constitutive Equations for Viscoelastic Materials, Y. Chevalier, J. T.Vinh.
4. Formulation of Equations of Motion and Overview of their Solutions by Various Methods, J. T.Vinh.
Part 2. Rod Vibrations
5. Torsional Vibration of Rods, Y. Chevalier, M. Nugues and J. Onobiono.
6. Bending Vibration of a Rod, D. Le Nizhery.
7. Longitudinal Vibration of a Rod, Y. Chevalier, M. Touratier.
8. Very Low Frequency Vibrations of a Rod by Le Rolland-Sorinís Double Pendulum, M. Archi, J-B. Casimir.
9. Vibrations of a Ring and Hollow Cylinders, J. T.Vinh.
10. Caracterization of Isotropic and Anisotropic Materials by Progressive Ultrasonic Waves, P. Garceau.
11. Viscoelastic Moduli of Materials Deduced from Harmonic Responses of Beams, J. T.Vinh, T. Beda, M. Soula, C. Esteoule.
12. Continuous Element Method Utilized as a Solution to Inverse Problems in Elasticity and Viscoelasticity, J-B. Casimir.

About the Authors

Yvon Chevalier is Emeritus Professor at the Institut Superieur de Mécanique de Paris (SUPMECA), France. Since 2000 he has been co-editor in chief Mecanique et Industries journal, supported by the French Association of Mechanics. He is a well-known expert in the dynamics of composite materials and propagation of waves in heterogenous materials. He also has great experience in the areas of hyper-elasticity and non-linear viscoelasticity of rubber materials.
Jean Tuong Vinh is Emeritus University Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Paris VI in France. He carries out research into theoretical viscoelasticity, non-linear functional Volterra series, computer algorithms in signal processing, frequency Hilbert transform, special impact testing, wave dispersion on rods and continuous elements and the solution of related inverse problems.


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