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Variational Retinex-like Methods

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The Marketing of Technology Intensive Products and Services

Driving Innovations for Non-Marketers

Patrick Corsi, KINNSYS, Brussels, Belgium Mike Dulieu, Ashcroft Associates, London, UK

ISBN: 9781848211049

Publication Date: November 2008   Hardback   256 pp.

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This book provides the basic models applicable to, and the applicable methods for, the profitable use and marketing of advanced technology. It provides a guide to developing and administering marketing plans, conducting market research, searching for and managing partners, tapping capital for innovation, scoping adequate pricing methods, managing intellectual property rights, and selling and distributing products and services. It also shows how to develop formatted business plans which will prove attractive to investors.
It is rare that technology professionals fully understand the esoteric world of marketing and, similarly, few marketers are familiar with advanced technology. This title is thus uniquely focused on the critical technology/market interface and provides an executive introduction to the competitive marketing of products and services. Modern managers and technology professionals who need to understand marketing in technology-intensive business worlds will find this an indispensable source of information.


Part 1: Generating Value from Innovation
1. The New Operating Context.
2. A Few Key Points a Technical Manager Should Know.
3. Understanding the Customer.
4. Business Models: The Engines of the New Economy.
5. Basic Models in High-Tech Marketing.
6. Bridging People, Markets and Technologies.
Part 2: Marketing Technology Intensive Products, Services and Processes
7. The New Operating Context.
8. Marketing Plans.
9. Pricing.
10. Distribution.
11. Business Plans.
Part 3: Managing Your Environment
12. The Sales World.
13. Funding Your Projects.
14. Partnering and Outsourcing.
15. Management Issues for the Next Decade.

About the Authors

Patrick Corsi is an international consultant in innovation engineering at IKBM, Brussels, Belgium and is an Associate Professor at ISTIA Innovation, Angers University, France. After an engineering and managerial career in industry he was for many years a Project Officer with the European Commission, specializing in R&D projects in advanced technologies.
Mike Dulieu is Principal Consultant of Ashcroft Associates and has expertise in consultancy, general and technical management and sales and marketing roles. He has a wide knowledge of a number of vertical and horizontal markets, technologies and applications and has broad international experience.


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