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Electric Power Systems

Edited by Michel Crappe, Faculté Polytechnique, Mons, Belgium

ISBN: 9781848210080

Publication Date: March 2008   Hardback   392 pp.

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The creation of a deregulated internal European electricity market and EU commitments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (driven by the Kyoto Protocol) and for the use of renewable energy generation technologies have produced important new constraints and demands on the electric power systems of Europe. This in turn has driven increasing levels of research and development to address these new challenges, and to ensure the reliability of the power systems.
This book will provide advanced tools covering major aspects of the problems and their potential solutions for professionals in the fields where these issues are focused, including associated research and development. Split into two parts (the first covering the operation and control of electric power systems and the second covering the stability and resilience of electric power systems), this book gathers together contributions from numerous well-known specialists in academia and the electrical industry and therefore will be an invaluable reference for all those involved in this field.


1. General Aspects of the Control, Regulation, and Security of the Energy Network in AC, Noël Janssens, Jacques Trecat.
2. Evolution of European Electric Power Systems in the Face of New Constraints: Impact of Decentralized Generation, Michel Crappe.
3. Planning Methods for Generation and Transmission of Electrical Energy, Jean-Marie Delincé.
4. Power Quality, Alain Robert.
5. Applications of Synchronized Phasor Measurements to Large
Interconnected Electric Power Systems, N. Hadjsaid, D. Georges, A.F. Snyder.
6. Voltage Instability, Thierry van Cutsem.
7. Transient Stability: Assessment and Control, Daniel Ruiz-Vega and Mania Pavella.
8. Security of Large Electric Power Systems Defense Plans Numerical Simulation of Electromechanical Transients, Marc Stubbe, Jacques Deuse.
9. System Control by Power Electronics or Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems (FACTS), Michel Crappe, Stéphanie Dupuis.

About the Authors

Michel Crappe is Emeritus Professor of the Faculté Polytechnique, Mons, Belgium, having been Professor in charge of the Electrical Machines Department for 30 years.
He has authored many chapters and papers on this subject.


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