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Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

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Innovation, Between Science and Science Fiction

Smart Innovation Set - Volume 10

Thomas Michaud, Consultant

ISBN: 9781786301307

Publication Date: June 2017   Hardback   196 pp.

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Fantasy and science fiction are both involved in the process of innovation in techno-scientific societies. Long regarded as a hindrance to rationality, and to science, science fiction has become the object of praise in recent decades.
Innovative organizations use science fiction to stimulate the creativity of their teams, and more and more entrepreneurs are using its influence to develop innovation. Scientific practice relies in part on an imaginary dimension. The mapping of the technical imagination of science fiction has become an important strategic issue, as has its patentability.
The conquest of space, the construction of cyberspace and virtual reality, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies are all at the center of futuristic fictions that participate in scientific speeches and discoveries.


1. The Growth of the Imagination in Industrial Societies.
2. Technological Ideologies and Utopias.
3. Science, the Imagination and Innovation.

About the Authors

Thomas Michaud holds a PhD in Management Science and an MBA in Management. He is interested in the role of science fiction in the processes of innovation.


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