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Granular Geomechanics

Matthew R. Kuhn, University of Portland, USA

ISBN: 9781785480713

Publication Date: April 2017   Hardback   274 pp.

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This book provides an introduction to the granular mechanics of slowly deformed granular soils, such as sands and gravels. These granular materials exhibit quite complex and unusual behavior that results from the seemingly simple interactions of particle pairs.
The book is concerned with the grain-scale behavior of granular soils, and whenever possible, applies fundamental discrete mechanics to derive and express this behavior. The focus is on discrete rather than continuum mechanics, and although the development and description of constitutive theories are not attempted, bulk quantities such as stress, strain, and internal fabric are rigorously cast in their discrete, grain-scale forms.
The author opens with a chapter on this topic, followed by chapters on grain-to-grain contact interactions (linear, Hertz-Cattaneo-Mindlin and rolling contacts); numerical simulation methods (discrete element, matrix methods, and contact dynamics); and descriptions of the bulk-scale behavior, micro- and macro-scale trends during loading and localization phenomena.


1. Fabric, Stress, and Strain.
2. Contact Interaction.
3. Numerical Simulation.
4. Loading, Movement, and Strength.

About the Authors

Matthew R. Kuhn is Professor of Civil Engineering in the Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering at the University of Portland, USA. His specialties are granular mechanics and geotechnical engineering.


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