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Logistics Engineering and Health

Edited by Hayfa Zgaya, Institute of Engineering in Health of Lille, France Slim Hammadi, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

ISBN: 9781785480447

Publication Date: September 2016   Hardback   232 pp.

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This book presents the research that resulted from a fruitful collaboration between many CNRS research laboratories, health establishments and industrialists. This research contributes to the study and the development of logistical systems, in particular health-oriented logistical systems, in order to manage and optimize physical, informational and financial flows.
The authors examine optimization and modeling methods to facilitate decision support for the management of logistics systems in the health field, including solutions to problems encountered in the management of logistics flows and the study of systems incorporating these flows.
In the first chapter, logistics engineering is presented whilst the second chapter introduces the study of real cases of transport, management crisis and warehouse management logistics systems.
The third chapter is devoted to the study of hospital systems and emergency services and in the fourth chapter, the authors highlight the operational aspect of the hospital system thanks to an innovative modeling approach.
Finally, mathematical and algorithmic models of scheduling, and dynamic orchestration of the collaborative workflow by a multi-agent system, are introduced.


1. Logistics Engineering, Hayfa Zgaya and Slim Hammadi.
2. Case Studies and Contributions to the Resolution of Logistics System-related Problems, Hayfa Zgaya and Slim Hammadi.
3. Health Logistics: Toward Collaborative Approaches and Tools, Hayfa Zgaya, Slim Hammadi and Jean-Marie Renard.
4. Collaborative Workflow for Patient Pathway Modeling at Pediatric Emergency Services, Sarah Ben Othman, Inès Ajmi and Alain Quilliot.
5. Agent-based Architecture for Task Scheduling and Dynamic Orchestration Support, Sarah Ben Othman, Inès Ajmi and Alain Quilliot.

About the Authors

Hayfa Zgaya is Associate Professor of Logistics and Health Informatics at the Institute of Engineering in Health of Lille, France. Her main research areas are optimization, artificial intelligence and logistics issues.
Slim HAMMADI is Full Professor of modelling, optimization and control of complex systems at the Ecole Centrale de Lille in France. He is a director of the OSL “Logistic Optimization Systems” research team of the CRISTAL Laboratory. His teaching and research interests focus on the areas of production control, optimization, computer science, discrete and dynamic programming and complex logistic systems.


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