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Analysis for PDEs Set Volume 1

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Land Surface Remote Sensing in Urban and Coastal Areas

Remote Sensing Observations of Continental Surfaces Set

Edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, IRSTEA, France Mehrez Zribi, CNRS, France

ISBN: 9781785481604

Publication Date: September 2016   Hardback   392 pp.

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For a long time, the dynamics of urban and coastal areas have been the focus of administrators and decision makers in charge of public policy in order to better take into account anthropogenic pressure and the impact of climate change.
This volume presents applications of remote sensing in urban environments and coastal zones, including the use of remote sensing in city planning (urban expansion, light pollution, air quality, etc.), observation of the properties of ocean color, the study of coastal dynamics (identifying coastlines and estimating sediment balances, etc.) and analysis of the dynamics of mangroves.
This book, part of a set of six volumes, has been produced by scientists who are internationally renowned in their fields. It is addressed to students (engineers, Masters, PhD), engineers and scientists, specialists in remote sensing applied to the coastal environment and urban areas.
Through this pedagogical work, the authors contribute to breaking down the barriers that hinder the use of Earth observation data.


1. Optical Remote Sensing in Urban Environments, Xavier Briottet, Nesrine Chehata, Rosa Oltra-Carrio, Arnaud Le Bris and Christiane Weber.
2. Urban Scene Analysis with Mobile Mapping Technology, Bruno Vallet and Clément Mallet.
3. Satellite Imagery: a Tool for Territorial Development, Jean Philippe Tonneau and Pierre Maurel.
4. Remote Sensing and Ocean Color, Malik Chami and Tristan Harmel.
5. LiDAR Measurements and Applications in Coastal and Continental Waters, Jean-Stéphane Bailly, Martin Montes-Hugo, Yves Pastol and Nicolas Baghdadi.
6. Contributions of Airborne Topographic LiDAR to the Study of Coastal Systems, Franck Levoy, Franck Garestier, Laurent Froideval, Olivier Monfort and Emilie Poullain.
7. Mangrove Forest Dynamics Using Very High Spatial Resolution Optical Remote Sensing, Christophe Proisy, Jean-Baptiste Féret, Nicolas Lauret and Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry.
8. Remote Sensing-based Monitoring of the Muddy Mangrove Coastline of French Guiana, Romain Walcker, Nicolas Gratiot and Edward J. Anthony.

About the Authors

Nicolas Baghdadi is Research Director at IRSTEA in France. He is currently the scientific director of the French Land Data Centre (Theia).
Mehrez Zribi is Research Director at CNRS in France. He is currently active at CESBIO in Toulouse where he is also responsible for the team of observation systems.


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