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The Wave Concept in Electromagnetism and Circuits

Theory and Applications

Edited by Henri Baudrand, University of Toulouse, France Mohammed Titaouine, Faculty of Technology, Algeria Nathalie Raveu, University of Toulouse, France

ISBN: 9781848219595

Publication Date: August 2016   Hardback   216 pp.

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The Wave Concept Iterative Procedure (WCIP) method has found an increasing number of users within electromagnetic theory and applications to planar circuits, antennas and diffraction problems. This book introduces in detail this new formulation of integral methods, based on the use of a wave concept with two bounded operators, and applications in a variety of domains in electromagnetics. This approach presents a number of benefits over other integral methods, including overcoming the problem of singularity, and reduced computing time.
Through the presentation of mathematical equations to characterize studied structures and explanation of the curves obtained, via validated examples, the authors provide a thorough background to electromagnetism as well as a professional reference to students and researchers.


1. General Principles of the Wave Concept Iterative Process, Henri Baudrand, Med Karim Azizi, Mohammed Titaouine.
2. Formulation and Validation of the WCIP Applied to the Analysis of Multilayer Planar Circuits, Alexandre Jean René Serres and Georgina Karla De Freitas Serres.
3. Applications of the WCIP Method to Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), Mohammed Titaouine and Henri Baudrand.
4. WCIP Applied to Substrate Integrated Circuits: Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) and Substrate Integrated Non-Radiative Dielectic (SINRD) Circuits, Nathalie Raveu and Ahmad Ismail Alhzzoury.
5. WCIP Convergence, Nathalie Raveu.
6. Application of WCIP to Diffraction Problems, Noemen Ammar, Taoufik Aguili and Henri Baudrand.

About the Authors

Henri Baudrand is Emeritus Professor at the University of Toulouse; INPT, UPS; LAPLACE; ENSEEIHT in France.
Mohammed Titaouine is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Technology, University of Batna 2, Algeria.
Nathalie Raveu is Professor at the University of Toulouse; INPT, UPS; LAPLACE; ENSEEIHT; CNRS in France.


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